Principal's Message

Eastern Academy of Science and Technology is established with a view to expanding the realm of knowledge beyond the visible boundary. Education empowers every individual to face the hard realities of life and enables to lead an unhindered life and at the same time motivate him to contribute to the society of which one is a part and parcel. It is therefore, the primary responsibility of the Principal being the first amongst many equals to encourage and inspire all our students to embrace education in the right earnest. The locational advantages that our Institution enjoys in fact prevail upon the parents and the students to choose this Institution as a right choice to achieve the right goal. To rightly quote “Education at EAST is neither just about academic brilliance nor a consistent return, but an ambience where culture and human skills imbibe together”.

This Institution in its endeavor to transform individuals to technologists ready to venture into all that comes on their way. The institute is very much aware of its duties towards its stake holders. To put in the right context, in this age of cutting edge technologies, we the members of the EAST family conscientiously aim at creating an interdisciplinary and a holistic academic environment that will enable to acquire and acquaint the intricacies of the knowledge paradigm without much strain and stress. It is the strong belief in our spirited colleagues and friends and their ability to deliver the best to build up and give a shape to the careers of numerous of our students and prospective students.


As the head of this Institution, is my primary responsibility to oversee the things in a broader perspective and to welcome all to this world of learning and to convey my best wishes for them to unlock and to realize their potential.

Nihar Ranjan Biswal
Principal, EAST


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